Our production technology is cutting and edging clearly. You will see absolutely minimal gaps between boards and edges. Thanks to the professional measuring of the room with the help of laser technology, a production documentation is created first, then, all the other cutouts and holes in the furniture are carried out ahead in the production proces on a CNC machine. Only this way can we keep a clean and accurate shape. Not even the best assembler with hand tools can do the same as a machine controlled by a computer. You will never find chopped out pieces from materials or jagged edges done by tools, which an assembler tries to fix afterwards with way or sealer.

Varnishing of surfaces is done in an overpressured spraying cabin, to prevent penetration of dirt. Each component used, is the highest possible quality.

Fittings for sliding doors are made in a German by Raumplus. Generally we provide post-warranty servise, where, after 25 years of usage we only remove dirt from the wheels, and the doors serve further.

The door hinges and drawers we use are made by the brand Blum with a lifelong warranty. The drawers are the highest class, Blum Movento, with the carry weight of 40kg and synchronised range. With the tip on system, the drawers will always close the same way, unlike with the cheap ones for example from Strong, which are made in China. In Woodface you will never find these cheap drawers, that are offered by many Czech carpenters because of lower price.

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