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DIČ: CZ26483807
Residence: Koněvova 1107/54, Žižkov (Praha 3), 130 00 Praha
File number: 85156 C, Městský soud v Praze

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Petr Janů
Mob. +420 602 408 673 (Contact for English speakers)
For undisturbed negotiations with clients, please SMS. We will call back.
Email: janu@woodface.cz

Installation dates

Kateřina Indruchová
Mob. +420 602 408 679 (Czech speakers only)
Email: centrala@woodface.cz


Zuzana Pavlíčková
Email: uctarna@woodface.cz

Comments for improving the service of the company

Marie Macková
Mob. +420 602 408 636 (Czech speakers only)
Email: centrala@woodface.cz

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