Designer services

We offer expert consulting in the field of interiors, architectural designs of interiors from design layout, material and color solutions, and from implementation drawings to designer’s supervision during implementation.

If you already have an architect or a clear interior design concept, we can offer you professional cooperation in the technical solution and optimization of the storage space or atypical furniture elements. We will offer you the equipment for the hall, wardrobes and dressing rooms, living walls, dividing partitions or children’s room equipment.

At our specialized store, you will be contacted after a prior phone call.

Home designer: Jana Rampirova, tel.: +420 739 342 188, email:

Newly opened studio


nám. Republiky 656/8, 110 00, Praha 1

mob.: +420 736 751 314


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Special offer

If you are unable to visit one of our stores for various reasons, we are ready to make FREE consultations directly for you at home (or on site) under specific conditions for serious customers. You will be visited by a professional with long-term experience who can help you design the plan of your dreams to fit your unique needs and desires.

Services provided as part of the consultation:

  • Professional focus on space with a guarantee of accuracy
  • Design layout of the room and personal furniture
  • Material selection based on samples
  • Production of price quotation

We are ready to visit you anywhere in the Czech Republic. The consultation price is 5,000 CZK and will be deducted from the final price of the furniture if a contract is concluded.

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