With growing work demands, working from or at home is getting more and more common. Whether it’s a businessman, a manager, or a person who works from home, we want all to have a comfortable and well organized office. If you are happier and can devote yourself to your work space, we will be happy to design it together with you. We will make furniture especially for you, thus creating a work environment which will make you feel good.

If you do not have a separate space, it might not be such an unsolvable problem as it may seem. Woodface’s designers can easily help you solve this problem. Like every small office, almost every atypical space can be used. Attic rooms with a sloping ceiling or a sliding door cabinet. In addition, this solution has one great advantage. Even if you do not have a separate room, you can displace work from your mind and dedicate yourself to family or leisure by closing the sliding door from the cabinet.