Student’s and children’s rooms

Nowadays, almost every family can afford to spend one of their children’s rooms on their children. It is therefore important to arrange this room optimally not only with regard to the present needs of the children but also for their future adolescence. Most families do not have enough money to make a complete room for a baby, then throw away everything and arrange the whole room for the schoolboy again. Therefore, it is important that the room is not only cozy for the very young family member, but also allows for its further use at a later time. Woodface designers can help you choose from a variety of modern materials and create a space that will serve not only for games but also for learning and writing homework. Additionally, thanks to the Love Home concept, you can choose the color of the walls, wallpaper, lighting and sun shade. Come to our Love House store in Prague 10 Štěrboholy, where you will find many inspirations for not only the rooms of your little ones, but you can also make yourself happy and get some with the many kinds of furniture, seats or bedding available for your pleasure.